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Tendrils is the latest offering from Cape Town-based producer Parabyl. It comprises two dark, dubby, bassy tracks which symbolize a rise and a fall. The first, Tendrils, is an exploration into movement where there is none. The second is an ode to friends. Best enjoyed with emotion.


"Tendrils is the best bass record to come out of South Africa this year

// Das Kapital

"Tendrils is a solo project, and the dark, energetic mood that he creates on his own is a testament to his growth as a producer

// Boudjie

"Parabyl's latest offering from 'Tendrils' drives at hte heart of our fragile emotions

// Texx and the City

"Capetonian producer and cool kid Parabyl's new album 'Dispersion' may be our favourite full length release of the year.

// Redbull

"With 'Dispersion', Parabyl is saying 'I am here. Pay attention to me'. For his sake and yours, I think you should.

// Bubblegum Club